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Want to help people with a disability to live a great life? Help right now by donating to Value Care.

Ways to donate

Donate to charity with a tax-deductible donation online – quickly and easily – to help the most vulnerable people.

Single donation

Your charity donation means we can improve the lives of the most vulnerable people, in Australia and across our region.

Regular donation

Become a Champion of KidsAbility. From just $1 a day you can help kids with disability around Australia and your region, around the clock.

Make a difference with an ongoing donation



Become a regular giver and join a community helping make the world a better place for the people coping with crisis and disaster in Australia and further afield. Your much-needed support means Value Care will be ready to rapidly respond when a crisis happens. It means we can invest in longer-term solutions, reduce overheads and run our vital programs with more certainty.

Helping young people succeed 


We’re making sure young people have the chance to succeed and aren’t held back by poverty, discrimination or past mistakes.

Enabling people to live safely and independently One in four Australians feels socially excluded. We’re helping people beat loneliness and isolation.

Addressing homelessness and poverty More than 3 million people in Australia live in poverty. Thanks to donors like you, we can help people make ends meet. 

Find out more about regular donations

  • What exactly is regular giving? Every day people just like you are helping to make a real difference in the lives of those who are vulnerable through our regular giving program. Generous regular givers support our work by making an automatic donation every four weeks, either by credit card or direct debit. Their ongoing support means we can be there for people facing crisis in Australia and beyond, for years to come.
  • How do I join? The easiest way to become a regular giver is here. You can also join over the phone by calling our Customer Care Team on 1800 VALUE U. You choose the donation amount and the date. You can pause or cancel your contributions any time you like.
  • Will I receive a receipt? Definitely. At the end of the financial year, we will send you a statement detailing your donations over the past 12 months. We send receipts annually to keep administration costs down, but you can request a receipt any time by phoning us on 1800 VALUE U or emailing Donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible in Australia.
  • Can I choose exactly where my donations go or who they help? As a regular giver, your donations are not tied to one area of support, your gift goes wherever the need is greatest and will support a range of programs.
  • How much of my donations will be spent on programs? Your donations will help provide support every day of the year for kids who are vulnerable or have a disability. They might be used to: Help families rebuild their lives; Provide daily welfare to vulnerable Australians teens who live in foster or respite care; Support for youn people facing poverty and homelessness. 
  • When will my donations be deducted? Your donations are deducted on the date you choose or the nearest business day.
  • Why is it better to be a regular giver rather than make a one-off donation? Your much-needed support means we will be ready to rapidly respond when a crisis happens. It means we can invest in longer-term solutions, reduce overheads and run our vital programs with more certainty. When you donate regularly you enable us to: More effectively plan our upcoming work, knowing we have the funds ready to invest in long-term solutions and make a lasting impact for those in need Ensure volunteers and staff can continue to be there every day providing help where it’s needed most in Australia and across our region Help people in crisis wherever it is most urgently needed You might also find a smaller monthly donation is easier on your budget than a larger one-off gift.
  • How do I make my regular donation? Donations are made automatically via credit card or direct debit (credit card is our preferred method for payment). Sorry we can’t yet take regular donations via PayPal or BPAY but we are working on that.
  • How can I update my contact, payment or credit card details? Please email or phone our team on 1800 VALUEU. We will need your full name, phone number, supporter ID (if known), address and new details. For security reasons, please don’t include your credit card details in your email.
  • How can I cancel my regular donation? We will be sorry to see you go but, of course, we understand people’s circumstances change and you can pause or cancel your donations any time. If there is anything we can do to improve your experience or change your mind please let us know. To cancel your donations, email or phone our team on 1800 VALUE U. We will need your full name, supporter ID (if known), phone number and mailing address. Once we have these details your donation plan will be cancelled before the next payment is due. You can also pause your donations for a few months. Please contact our team via the number or email details above.
  • Why do you take donations every four weeks not every month? Recently we changed our donation payment schedule from monthly to four weekly for our new regular donors. We know a high proportion of people are paid fortnightly and this change gives our donors more choice. It means you can align your donation to your pay cycle and choose when donations are deducted. 
  • Have existing donors been moved from a monthly donation cycle to a four-weekly donation cycle? No. Existing regular givers who donate monthly haven’t been moved to a four-weekly donation cycle. Their payment plan stays the same unless they specifically ask for a change.
  • I have other questions, who can I speak to? We would love to help you and answer any questions. Please call 1800 VALUE”U” or email For security reasons, please don’t include your credit card details in your email.

   You can also make regular donations through your pre-tax salary. Talk to your Employer or call us on how to do this.

Leave a gift in your will

How do you want to be remembered? Your sense of humour? Your love of dancing? Your determination to help others? What would be the one thing you would pass on to the next generation? Throughout our lives we’re influenced by the actions of the generations that come before.

From grandparents and parents to school teachers and sports coaches, whether it’s knowledge, a skill or a passion, what you choose to pass on makes a positive difference to the next generation. With a legacy donation you will pass on a helping hand to people who need it most. Your bequest will make an unforgettable difference to generations to come, both in Australia and around the world.

  • Leave a gift in your Will By making a legacy donation to Value Care, you will send a powerful humanitarian message to the next generation, in Australia and all over the world.
  • What your gift could do A gift in your Will could mean so much to the next generation. Safety from harm, a helping hand when it’s needed most, hope for the future.
  • What would you pass on? Your love of cooking, your musical ability, your sense of justice. Tell us, what you’d like to pass on to the next generation in our short survey.

Patrons of Value Care 


By leaving a gift to our work in your Will, you will join an honored group of supporters within the Value Care family: the Patrons of Value Care.


Together, the Patrons of Value Care are shaping a world where people have somewhere trusted and safe to turn for help, comfort and support, no matter what. You will share in our achievements, connect with inspirational people and be part of our story.


We celebrate our Patrons of Value Care today, and every day, for the hope that they inspire in our collective ‘tomorrow’. We are so grateful for their commitment, and we hope one day to welcome you amongst our Friends of Value Care too.



Find out more about leaving a gift in your Will. Making a legacy donation to charity is a decision you wonʼt want to rush. If you eventually decide to include a bequest to Value Care, we want to make sure youʼre happy with that decision. Our free Wills Guide includes everything you need to know about legacy donations.

Memorial donations

A special way to honor a loved one when they pass away is by offering friends and family the opportunity to make a memorial donation to Value Care to celebrate their life, instead of sending flowers.
Your ‘in memory’ gift will be used to support the vital humanitarian work of Value Care.

Corporate Partnerships

Value Care is a partner for business and these partnerships are critical to our work. We cannot solve problems in isolation. Solving complex social challenges requires cross-sector commitment, expertise and innovation. Working together we can achieve measurable social impact through shared value, capacity building and cause-driven programs. On behalf of all of the communities we support, we thank our corporate partners for their solidarity.

Philanthropic giving

The importance of philanthropic support Value Care relies on the generosity of philanthropic trusts, foundations, and private ancillary funds (PAFs) to deliver innovative programs and services that address the needs of the most vulnerable people and communities across Australia. If you would like to know more about how to support Value Care programs through philanthropy, please email us or phone 1800 VALUE U.

Workplace giving programs

Use your small change to create a big change in the lives of vulnerable people and communities. Value Care’s Workplace Giving is an easy way to make regular pre-tax donations from your pay. Your payroll giving will: aid thousands of Australians affected by disasters connect lonely people through a daily phone call help steer people to better choices and a better life deliver needed international aid to lift people from poverty.

Email us to find out more today at