Founders and History

Value Care’s founders have the ambition to bring a ‘services’ approach to disability supports across Australia.

Value Care: a new chapter in the making!

The reasons for setting up Value Care have been many:

– traditionally, across Australia, Disability supports were a domain of State Government services;

– most non-government providers tend to be either faith-based or charity based;

– there is little or no focus on “services” that address the “wellbeing” of participants;

– there is also limited focus on the breadth of disability services – ranging from therapeutics to community engagement to assisting technology options. Majority of the providers are either happy providing accommodation or to most extent personal/daily care services.

Thus, there is a shortage of providers that are well rounded across each service category of Disability Supports. Value Care aims to address this gap and aims to evolve as a full-service provider under one roof. 

Our commitment to the participants is that they’ll receive professional, personalised and high-quality services delivered through the best technological methods, with a focus on participant’s wellbeing and comfort. 

We aim to tailor each service to suit the participant’s requirements and therefore deliver better value and multiple support options to choose from.

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Founders and History

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