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How to choose the right SDA home and how to pay for it?

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You can choose a home that matches the details of the SDA funding in your NDIS Plan. Look at things such as:

  • SDA building type: High Physical Support, Fully Accessible, Improved Liveability and Robust
  • SDA design category
  • Number of SDA residents you are living with
  • Number of bedrooms, living areas, break out rooms
  • Location

You can apply for an SDA property that costs less than the amount the NDIS has allocated in your NDIS Plan. You can also choose to live in an SDA property that is a different design category, building type or number of residents, but the cost must be the same or less than what is in your plan.


Before you apply for an SDA home that is different to what you have been funded for, it is good to think about why these things were approved for you and make sure the home you apply for is going to meet your needs. You should also check with the NDIS first if you plan to do this.


NDIS pays your SDA provider


This is where the NDIS will pay the SDA provider the payment they have allocated you when they approved SDA in your plan. If you have chosen a property that costs less, they will pay the provider the amount that the property costs.


The amount shown in your NDIS Plan is a yearly amount.


You pay the SDA provider a ‘reasonable rent contribution’


This is where you pay the SDA provider your share of the costs of renting the home.

The most an SDA provider can charge you is an amount equal to:

  • 25% of the Disability Support Pension (including Pension Supplement)
  • The full amount of Commonwealth Rent Assistance

A few providers also allow you to live in your SDA home with family or friends. Ask them if the house can cater to an additional family member. In such a case, the SDA provider can ask them to pay a reasonable amount of rent too.


At Value Care, we respect your choices and thus, most of our SDA houses have at least two living areas for your privacy.


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