Who is Value Care?

Value Care is a national, not-for-profit organization and a comprehensive provider of disability and aged care services that delivers a diverse set of individualized support services to our customers. 

We strive to create, grow and promote care environments, where disadvantaged people are empowered by bringing positive changes in their lives and are offered a range of much needed support services selected through evidence based targeted interventions.

Our Core Values

Our employees are trained to act with integrity, honesty, transparency and empathy. We seek to exceed the expectations of those we serve and achieve the highest standards of quality in everything we do. 

We focus on the key issues that are required to deliver high quality, individualized, attendant-led low, moderate or high levels of care for people. Our services are not limited in scope of any particular government department or source of funds.


We understand and respect every individual’s situation, offer help in such a way that everyone feels valuable, supported and always appreciated of whatever they do, focusing on their abilities.


We practice empathy on to action; are sensitive to understand the individual’s likes, dislikes, preferences and based on this, their needs and experiences; and utilize this to plan our action.


We connect with individuals by empowering and involving them in the decision-making process of their care plan as well as value their preferences in their life.

Strive for Service Excellence

Being a people driven organization, we strive towards excellence in everything we do. We build moral values in our staff, build the understanding that they’re an important pillar of the organization and their contribution towards assisting people is well recognized.

We focus on supporting staff in building their skills and on developing a culture of ongoing learning so that they are well trained to empower our customers, offer quality services and have an up-to-date knowledge of care principles and regulations.

Our Services

Disability Care

Foster Care

Aged Care

Child, Youth and Family

Mental Health

Homelessness Support Services

Alcohol and Other Drugs Counselling

Refugees and Asylum Seekers